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Studio albums

Year Album details  
1991 Stranger in This Town
  • Release date: 1991
  • Label: Mercury Records
1998 Undiscovered Soul
  • Release date: February 23, 1998
  • Label: Mercury Records
2012 Aftermath of the Lowdown
  • Release date: September 18, 2012
  • Label: Dangerbird Records
2015 Rise
  • Release date: 2015
  • Label: Capitol Records

Solo singles

Year   Single     Album
1991   "Ballad of Youth"               Stranger in This Town
  "One Light Burning"            
  "Stranger in This Town"            
1998   "Hard Times Come Easy"               Undiscovered Soul
  "In It for Love"            
  "Undiscovered Soul"            
  "Made in America"            
2012   "Every Road Leads Home to You"               Aftermath of the Lowdown
2015   "Rise"               Rise

Other album appearances

Year   Song Artist   Album
1990   "The Wind Cries Mary" Richie Sambora   The Adventures of Ford Fairlane – Original Soundtrack
1992   "Mr. Sambo" Richie Sambora   Guitar World Presents: Guitars That Rule the World
1992   "You Never Really Know" Richie Sambora   Music from Zalman King's Red Shoe Diaries
1997   "Forever" Takashi Sorimachi feat. Richie Sambora   Message / Forever 3" CDS
1997   "Long Way Around" Richie Sambora   Fire Down Below (in the film itself, not the soundtrack  album)
1997   "O' Holy Night (Cantique De  Noel)" Richie Sambora   Merry Axemas – A Guitar Christmas
1997   "Oh Come All Ye Faithful" Richie Sambora   A Home for the Holidays
1999   "Ava's Eyes" Richie Sambora   Sounds of Wood & Steel 2
1999   "I'm Wanted" Kel Spencer feat. Richie Sambora   Wild Wild West Soundtrack
1999   "Why Don't You Love Me?" Amanda Marshall (Richie Sambora on guitar)   Tuesday's Child
2001   "Take Me On" Richie Sambora   On the Line Soundtrack
2002   "One Last Goodbye" Richie Sambora   The Banger Sisters Soundtrack
2004   "When a Blind Man Cries" Richie Sambora   Heaven & Earth Featuring Stuart Smith
2008   "Baby (Rock Remix)" LL Cool J feat. Richie Sambora   Exit 13
2008   "Great Hall of Fame" Richie Sambora   Les Paul & Friends – A Tribute to a Legend
2008   "Willing to Try" Richie Sambora   Randy Jackson's Music Club, Vol. 1
2012   "Whisper" Superbus feat. Richie Sambora   Sunset
2013   "Man & Machine" Heaven and Earth feat. Richie Sambora   Dig

With Shark Frenzy

  • Shark Frenzy (2004, Sanctuary)

With Message

  • Message (1980, unknown label)
  • Message (1995, Long Island Records)
  • Lessons (2000, Escape Music)
  • Message Live (2006, Two Sun Songs)

With Cher

  • Cher (1987)

With Desmond Child

  • Discipline (1991, Elektra)


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