Content Contributors Wanted



Rockapedia publishes a rock music website.  We created this site so that we could bring together people who share a common love of rock music. The more you contribute the more you earn the respect and appreciation of your peers. So you should contribute!  We encourage our users to upload photos, videos, and blogs that relate to rock music.  We feel that having users who are knowledgeable about music really improves the overall quality of the content on our site, so please feel free to rate the content you see throughout the site as it really helps people find the good stuff easily.


Images should be good quality, readable, correctly oriented and free of any copyright, watermark, URL, or other marks (small watermarks may be accepted if they don't interfere with the image too much, this is at our discretion). Images should be static, no animated GIFs please. Copyrighted or illegal images will be removed, and the user may be held accountable for their inclusion.  The image description, attribution and tags are optional, but we would urge all fans to try to provide as much relevant information as possible about any of the images they are posting as not only does it help fellow fans locate what they are looking for when they use our search or tag filtering tools, it makes the image more interesting!  We require fans to provide proper image attribution where applicable.

Note: Please try to use the highest resolution image you can find and avoid mistakenly uploading a thumbnail instead of the full-size image.


Videos are the most popular type of contribution on Rockapedia. This feature allows you to share and discover great clips that you find on YouTube.  Note: Rockapedia does not provide any video hosting capabilities itself at this time. 


We welcome unsolicited blogs from anyone who believes the piece is appropriate for our readers.  

Solicitation of record labels, promoters, artists, and publicists on behalf of Rockapedia and all entities under Rockapedia may only be done in coordination with Rockapedia editors. If you want to pursue a story or idea which requires the use of our name for access, it must be authorized by your assigned Rockapedia editor prior to contact with any source.

Submissions may be edited and may be published at any time. Writers are not compensated monetarily. 

Be thorough. If interviewing a musical artist, please be sure to record it should there be an alleged discrepancy. If you are unsure of any facts in the blog entry, please call this to our attention at the beginning of the blog.



Rockapedia prefers the standard AP style of writing.  If you are not familiar with AP, then here are some highlights:

  • Use italics for band names, titles of recordings (albums/cd’s), videos, books, films, and television programs.
  • Song titles, chapter titles, and article titles should be placed in quotations; punctuation goes inside the quotation marks.
  • Write out numbers nine and under and numbers that begin a sentence (if necessary); otherwise use numerals.
  • Use numerals for decades, except at the beginning of a sentence. Use four digits for the first reference, with no apostrophe, and then two digits with an initial apostrophe (e.g., 1990s then ’90s).
  • Write-out the complete title of a song or album on first use; it may be abbreviated subsequently.
  • Generally, credit songwriters rather than performers unless you’re commenting on something specific to another performer’s version of the song.

Some possible blog ideas could include:

  • Feature Profiles:  Each feature needs to involve contact with the artist. These need to be well-researched, well-written pieces written from an original perspective.
  • Essays: These can be humorous, personal, opinionated or a little of all three.
  • Trend Stories: Topics could include rock festivals, music videos, music-related books, or films.
  • Music Reviews: We want you to write on the artists whose music is having an impact on you. Don’t be afraid to personalize these or come at them from a different approach, but please keep the focus on the artist or event to keep it relevant.

To get started, create an account, login, and click on the "More" link in the main menu for links to add content. There are also links at the top of the various sections of the site, and in the footer.