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Rolling Stones Records/Polydor


Album Overview

Singles 1971–2006 is a box set compilation of singles by The Rolling Stones spanning the years 1971 to 2006. It covers their output with both Rolling Stones Records and Virgin Records labels.

A sequel of sorts to ABKCO's three boxes of singles replicas from the mid-2000s (Singles 1963–1965Singles 1965–1967Singles 1968–1971), Universal's The Singles: 1971–2006 is a 45-disc box set that offers single replicas of every 45 the Rolling Stones released between Sticky Fingers and A Bigger Bang.

This first edition of the set contained a skip around the 4-second mark on the B-side, "I Think I'm Going Mad". The error was fixed in a subsequent edition.


Brown Sugar / Bitch / Let It Rock
1-1Brown Sugar3:50
1-3Let It Rock2:39
Wild Horses / Sway
2-1Wild Horses5:44
Tumbling Dice / Sweet Black Angel
3-1Tumbling Dice3:45
3-2Sweet Black Angel2:55
Happy / All Down The Line
4-2All Down The Line3:58
5-2Silver Train4:28
Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)
6-1Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)3:28
6-2Dancing With Mr. D.4:52
It's Only Rock 'N Roll
7-1It's Only Rock 'N Roll5:09
7-2Through The Lonely Nights4:12
Ain't Too Proud To Beg / Dance Little Sister
8-1Ain't Too Proud To Beg3:31
8-2Dance Little Sister4:07
Fool To Cry
9-1Fool To Cry5:07
9-2Crazy Mama4:35
Hot Stuff / Fool To Cry
10-1Hot Stuff5:24
10-2Fool To Cry5:06
Miss You
11-1Miss You3:37
11-2Far Away Eyes3:47
11-3Miss You (12" Version)8:35
Beast Of Burden / When The Whip Comes Down
12-1Beast Of Burden4:28
12-2When The Whip Comes Down4:21
13-2When The Whip Comes Down4:21
14-2Everything's Turning To Gold4:06
Emotional Rescue
15-1Emotional Rescue5:41
15-2Down In The Hole3:57
She's So Cold
16-1She's So Cold4:14
16-2Send It To Me3:43
Start Me Up
17-1Start Me Up3:35
17-2No Use In Crying3:26
Waiting On A Friend
18-1Waiting On A Friend4:36
18-2Little T&A3:21
Hang Fire / Neighbours
19-1Hang Fire2:24
Going To A Go Go (Live)
20-1Going To A Go Go (Live)3:26
20-2Beast Of Burden (Live)5:04
Time Is On My Side (Live)
21-1Time Is On My Side (Live)3:44
21-2Twenty Flight Rock (Live)1:47
21-3Under My Thumb (Live)4:07
Undercover Of The Night
22-1Undercover Of The Night4:34
22-2All The Way Down3:14
22-3Undercover Of The Night (Dub Version)6:25
22-4Feel On Baby (Instrumental Dub)6:31
She Was Hot
23-1She Was Hot4:44
23-2I Think I'm Going Mad4:23
Too Tough / Miss You
24-1Too Tough3:50
24-2Miss You3:36
Harlem Shuffle
25-1Harlem Shuffle3:26
25-2Had It With You3:20
25-3Harlem Shuffle (NY Mix)6:36
25-4Harlem Shuffle (London Mix)6:22
One Hit (To The Body)
26-1One Hit (To The Body)4:10
26-3One Hit (To The Body) (London Mix)7:03
Mixed Emotions
27-1Mixed Emotions4:04
27-2Fancyman Blues4:55
27-3Mixed Emotions (Chris Kimsey's 12")6:14
27-4Tumbling Dice3:45
27-5Miss You3:37
Rock And A Hard Place
28-1Rock And A Hard Place4:12
28-2Cook Cook Blues4:13
28-3Rock And A Hard Place (Dance Mix)6:55
28-4Rock And A Hard Place (Oh - Oh Hard Dub Mix)6:56
28-5Rock And A Hard Place (Michael Brauer Mix)7:07
28-6Rock And A Hard Place (Bonus Beats Mix)4:10
28-7Emotional Rescue5:37
28-8Some Girls4:38
28-9It's Only Rock 'N Roll5:08
28-10Rocks Off4:31
Almost Hear You Sigh
29-1Almost Hear You Sigh4:37
29-2Break The Spell3:07
29-3Wish I'd Never Met You4:44
29-4Mixed Emotions4:03
29-5Beast Of Burden4:27
29-7Fool To Cry5:06
29-8Miss You3:37
29-9Waiting On A Friend4:35
30-1Terrifying (7" Remix)4:11
30-2Rock And A Hard Place (7" Version)4:10
30-3Terrifying (12" Remix)6:56
30-4Rock And A Hard Place (Dance Mix)6:55
30-5Harlem Shuffle (London Mix)6:21
30-6Wish I'd Never Met You4:42
30-7Harlem Shuffle (LP Version)3:24
31-22000 Light Years From Home (Live)3:29
31-3Highwire (Full Length Version)4:44
31-4Sympathy For The Devil (Live)5:24
31-5I Just Want To Make Love To You (Live)4:03
31-6Play With Fire (Live)3:31
31-7Factory Girl (Live)2:35
Ruby Tuesday (Live)
32-1Ruby Tuesday (Live)4:14
32-2Play With Fire (Live)3:21
32-3You Can't Always Get What You Want (Live)7:06
32-4Undercover Of The Night (Live)4:11
32-5Rock And A Hard Place (Live)5:14
32-6Harlem Shuffle (Live)4:04
32-7Winning Ugly VI (London Mix)7:54
33-1Sexdrive (Single Edit)4:30
33-2Undercover Of The Night (Live)4:17
Love Is Strong
34-1Love Is Strong (Album Version)3:49
34-2The Storm2:45
34-3So Young3:22
34-4Love Is Strong (Bob Clearmountain Remix)3:49
34-5Love Is Strong (Teddy Riley Radio Remix)4:08
34-6Love Is Strong (Teddy Riley Extended Remix)5:05
34-7Love Is Strong (Teddy Riley Extended Rock Remix)4:49
34-8Love Is Strong (Teddy Riley Dub Remix)4:07
34-9Love Is Strong (Joe The Butcher Club Mix)5:25
34-10Love Is Strong (Teddy Riley Instrumental)4:47
You Got Me Rocking
35-1You Got Me Rocking3:37
35-2Jump On Top Of Me4:24
35-3You Got Me Rocking (Perfecto Mix)5:03
35-4You Got Me Rocking (Sexy Disco Dub Mix)6:16
35-5You Got Me Rocking (Trance Mix)4:59
Out Of Tears
36-1Out Of Tears (Don Was Edit)4:22
36-2I'm Gonna Drive3:42
36-3Out Of Tears (Bob Clearmountain Remix Edit)4:21
36-4So Young3:23
36-5Sparks Will Fly (Radio Clean Version)3:15
I Go Wild
37-1I Go Wild (LP Version)4:22
37-2I Go Wild (Scott Litt Remix)4:36
37-3I Go Wild (Live)6:31
37-4I Go Wild (Luis Resto Straight Vocal Mix)5:41
Like A Rolling Stone
38-1Like A Rolling Stone (Album Version)5:38
38-2Black Limousine3:28
38-3All Down The Line4:25
38-4Like A Rolling Stone (Edit)4:21
Anybody Seen My Baby?
39-1Anybody Seen My Baby? (LP Edit)4:08
39-2Anybody Seen My Baby? (Soul Solution Remix Edit)4:24
39-3Anybody Seen My Baby? (Armand's Rolling Steelo Mix)10:29
39-4Anybody Seen My Baby? (Soul Solution Remix)9:30
39-5Anybody Seen My Baby? (Bonus Roll)5:59
39-6Anybody Seen My Baby? (Album Version)4:32
Saint Of Me
40-1Saint Of Me (Radio Edit)4:11
40-2Anyway You Look At It4:21
40-3Gimme Shelter (Live)6:53
40-4Saint Of Me (Deep Dish Grunge Garage Remix Parts 1 & 2)13:35
40-5Saint Of Me (Deep Dish Grunge Garage Dub)7:26
40-6Saint Of Me (Deep Dish Rolling Dub)7:18
40-7Anybody Seen My Baby? (Bonus Roll)6:01
40-8Anybody Seen My Baby? (Phil Jones Remix)4:26
40-9Saint Of Me (Deep Dish Club Mix)7:30
40-10Saint Of Me (Deep Dish Grunge Dub)7:24
40-11Saint Of Me (Todd Terry Extended Remix)5:57
Out Of Control
41-1Out Of Control (Album Radio Edit)3:48
41-2Out Of Control (In Hand With Fluke Radio Edit)4:33
41-3Out Of Control (Bi-Polar At The Controls)5:13
41-4Out Of Control (Bi-Polar Outer Version)5:12
41-5Out Of Control (In Hand With Fluke Instrumental)5:55
41-6Out Of Control (In Hand With Fluke Full Version)8:28
41-7Out Of Control (Bi-Polar's Fat Controller Mix)5:24
41-8Out Of Control (Saber Final Mix)5:44
Don't Stop
42-1Don't Stop (Edit)3:31
42-2Don't Stop (New Rock Mix)4:03
42-3Miss You (Remix)8:34
Streets Of Love / Rough Justice
43-1Streets Of Love5:11
43-2Rough Justice3:11
Rain Fall Down
44-1Rain Fall Down ( Remix)4:06
44-2Rain Fall Down (Radio Edit)4:02
44-3Rain Fall Down (Ashley Beedle's 'Heavy Disco' Radio Edit)4:04
44-4Rain Fall Down (Ashley Beedle's 'Heavy Disco' Vocal Re-Edit)6:11
Biggest Mistake
45-1Biggest Mistake4:08
45-2Dance (Pt. 1) (Live)6:03
45-3Before They Make Me Run (Live)3:56
45-4Hand Of Fate (Live)4:03


  • Mick Jagger – lead and backing vocals, harmonica, piano, rhythm guitar 
  • Keith Richards – lead and rhythm guitar, backing and lead vocals, bass 
  • Charlie Watts – drums, percussion 
  • Bill Wyman – bass, backing vocals
  • Mick Taylor – rhythm and lead guitar, backing vocals, bass 
  • Ronnie Wood – rhythm and lead guitar, lap steel guitar, pedal steel guitar, slide guitar, backing vocals, bass


  • Arranged By: The Glimmer Twins
  • Arranged By [Horns]: Jim Price
  • Arranged By [Strings]: Paul Buckmaster
  • Art Direction: John Warwicker
  • Art Direction: Vivid I.D.
  • Art Direction [Concept]: Andrew Murabito
  • Artwork [Original Logo]: Mark Norton
  • Co-producer [Associate Producer]: Chris Kimsey
  • Co-producer [Produced With]: Jimmy Miller
  • Compiled By: Andy Street
  • Compiled By: Bill Wyman
  • Compiled By: Erik James
  • Coordinator [Project Managed By]: Andy Street
  • Design: Andrew Murabito
  • Design: David Crow
  • Design: Garry Mouat
  • Design: Garry Mouat
  • Design: Janet Perr
  • Design: Vivid I.D.
  • Design: Vivid I.D.
  • Design [Cover Design]: MTI London
  • Design [Sleeve Design]: The Design Corporation
  • Design [Sleeve Design]: Jeff Lyons
  • Design [Sleeve Design]: Mark Norton
  • Edited By [Digitally Edited By]: Ron Boustead
  • Engineer: Alan Douglas
  • Engineer: Ben Hillier
  • Engineer: Chris Kimsey
  • Engineer: Christopher Marc Potter
  • Engineer: Dirk Grobelny
  • Engineer: Ed Cherney
  • Engineer: George Mayers
  • Engineer: John Hanes
  • Engineer: Robert "Taj" Walton
  • Engineer: Serban Ghenea
  • Engineer [Assistant Engineer]: Alan Sanderson
  • Engineer [Assistant Engineer]: Charles Goodan
  • Engineer [Assistant Engineer]: Chris Theis
  • Engineer [Assistant Engineer]: John Sorenson
  • Executive Producer: Don Was
  • Executive Producer: The Glimmer Twins
  • Illustration [Cover]: Chrissy Piper
  • Keyboards: Chuck Leavell
  • Keyboards: Don Was
  • Keyboards: Jamie Muhoberac
  • Lyrics By: Jagger-Richards
  • Mastered By: Giovanni Scatola
  • Mastered By: Greg Calbi
  • Mastered By: Stephen Marcussen
  • Mixed By: Bob Clearmountain
  • Mixed By: Chris Kimsey
  • Mixed By: Don Smith
  • Mixed By: Ed Cherney
  • Mixed By: The Glimmer Twins
  • Mixed By: Jack Joseph Puig
  • Mixed By: Joe "The Butcher" Nicolo
  • Mixed By: Krish Sharma
  • Mixed By: Luis Resto
  • Mixed By: Phil Nicolo
  • Mixed By: Steve Lillywhite
  • Mixed By: Steve Thompson & Michael Barbiero
  • Mixed By: Steve Thompson & Michael Barbiero
  • Mixed By: Tom Lord-Alge
  • Mixed By: Wally Gagel
  • Mixed By [Mixed Assisted By]: Alan Sanderson
  • Mixed By [Mixed Assisted By]: Mauricio "Veto" Iragorri
  • Mixed By [Mixed Assisted By]: Ryan Freeland
  • Music By: Jagger-Richards
  • Painting: Francesco Clemente
  • Percussion [Additional Percussion]: Steve Sidelnyk
  • Performer [Played By]: Luis Resto
  • Photography By: Anthony Oliver
  • Photography By: Enrique Badulescu
  • Photography By: Giles Revell
  • Photography By: Jac Remise
  • Photography By [Back Cover Picture]: Ron Pownall
  • Photography By [Back]: Jeff Lyons
  • Photography By [Front Cover Picture]: Camera 5
  • Photography By [Front]: Maggie Steber
  • Photography By [Original Photography]: Claude Gassian
  • Photography By [Original Photography]: Kevin Mazur
  • Photography By [Photographer]: Anton Corbijn
  • Producer: Chris Kimsey
  • Producer: Don Was
  • Producer: The Dust Brothers
  • Producer: The Glimmer Twins
  • Producer: Glyn Johns
  • Producer: Jimmy Miller
  • Producer: Steve Lillywhite
  • Producer [Additional Production]: Armand Van Helden
  • Producer [Additional Production]: Luis Resto
  • Producer [Additional Production]: Michael H. Brauer
  • Producer [Additional Production]: Paul Oakenfold & Steve Osborne
  • Producer [Additional Production]: Soul Solution
  • Producer [Additional Production]: Sprague "Doogie" Williams
  • Producer [Additional Production]: Steve Thompson & Michael Barbiero
  • Producer [Additional Production]: Teddy Riley
  • Producer [Pre-production By]: Matt Clifford
  • Programmed By: Ben Hillier
  • Recorded By: Chris Kimsey
  • Recorded By: Dan Bosworth
  • Recorded By: David Hewitt
  • Recorded By: Don Smith
  • Recorded By: The Dust Brothers
  • Recorded By: Ed Cherney
  • Recorded By: John X Volaitis
  • Recorded By: Krish Sharma
  • Remix: Armand Van Helden
  • Remix: Ashley Beedle
  • Remix: Bi-Polar
  • Remix: Bob Clearmountain
  • Remix: Danny Saber
  • Remix: David McMurray
  • Remix: Deep Dish
  • Remix: Don Was
  • Remix: Dubfire & Sharam
  • Remix: Fluke
  • Remix: Joe "The Butcher" Nicolo
  • Remix: Luis Resto
  • Remix: Michael H. Brauer
  • Remix: Paul Oakenfold & Steve Osborne
  • Remix: Phil Jones
  • Remix: Scott Litt
  • Remix: Soul Solution
  • Remix: Sprague "Doogie" Williams
  • Remix: Steve Lillywhite
  • Remix: Teddy Riley
  • Remix: Todd Terry
  • Remix: Will I Am
  • Written-By: Ben Mink
  • Written-By: Bob Dylan
  • Written-By: Bob Relf
  • Written-By: Chuck Berry
  • Written-By: Earl Nelson
  • Written-By: Eddie Cochran
  • Written-By: Edward Holland, Jr.
  • Written-By: Jagger-Richards
  • Written-By: Jagger-Richards
  • Written-By: Jagger-Richards
  • Written-By: Jagger-Richards
  • Written-By: Jagger-Richards
  • Written-By: Jagger-Richards
  • Written-By: Jagger-Richards
  • Written-By: Jagger-Richards
  • Written-By: Jagger-Richards
  • Written-By: Jagger-Richards
  • Written-By: Marvin Tarplin
  • Written-By: Ned Fairchild
  • Written-By: Norman Meade
  • Written-By: Norman Whitfield
  • Written-By: Robert Rogers
  • Written-By: Ron Wood
  • Written-By: Ron Wood
  • Written-By: Ron Wood
  • Written-By: Smokey Robinson
  • Written-By: Steve Jordan
  • Written-By: Warren Moore
  • Written-By: k.d. lang


Individually numbered strong cardboard box, containing 45 CD singles in picture paper sleeves, accompanied by a 44-page hardback booklet. Sticker on front reads: "The Rolling Stones 45 x 45s from the greatest rock 'n' roll band in the world! - 45 CD singles packed with rarities, re-mixes and live versions - 173 tracks, all taken from the original UK and US singles - Over 80 tracks not currently available - Replicating the original sleeves and labels - Includes 32-page hardback book with memorabilia, period photos and an exclusive interview" ℗ 2011 Promotone B.V., under exclusive license to Universal International Music B.V. © 2011 Promotone B.V., under exclusive license to Universal International Music B.V. Made in the EU. In addition to the Rolling Stones Records logo (which, in some shape or form, appears on all discs), disc 42 also carries the ABKCO Records logo. Mastered at Metropolis, London. Track 1-3 recorded live at Leeds, March 13th 1971. Tracks 31-2 and 31-4 to 31-7 recorded during Steel Wheels / Urban Jungle 1989-90 world tour. Track 37-3 recorded in Miami, Florida on November 25th, 1994. Tracks 45-3 and 45-4 recorded at the Olympia Theatre, Paris, 2003. Track 20-1 writing credits erroneously given to Johnson (instead of Tarplin), amongst others, in disc print. Track 40-3 title erroneously given as "Gimme Shelter (Live Licks Tour)" on sleeve (just "Gimme Shelter (Live)" in disc print and booklet), whereas the recording actually originates from the Voodoo Lounge Tour. Track 45-2 title simply given as "dancept1" on sleeve and disc print. Due to the nature of the individual discs (combining tracks of all original formats of one single from multiple countries on one new CD single), some tracks appear multiple times within the whole box set. Also, on discs 28, 29 and 30 some credits (particularly for back-catalog tracks) are mixed up or missing. In the few occurrences where this resulted in missing or contradicting credits, the credits given here are corrected, by applying the credits from the first appearance of the particular track in this compilation.



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