Metallica - Cunning Stunts

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Album Overview

Cunning Stunts is a concert video by heavy metal band Metallica released in 1998. It was released in DVD and VHS formats. The title is a spoonerism of the words stunning cunts.


1.1So What
1.2Creeping Death
1.3Sad But True
1.4Ain't My Bitch
1.5Hero Of The Day
1.6King Nothing
1.9Bass/Guitar Doodle
1.10Nothing Else Matters
1.11Until It Sleeps
1.12For Whom The Bell Tolls
1.13Wherever I May Roam
1.14Fade To Black
1.15Kill/Ride Medley: Ride The Lightning, No Remorse, Hit The Lights, The Four Horsemen, Seek & Destroy, Fight Fire With Fire
2.1Last Caress
2.2Master Of Puppets
2.3Enter Sandman
2.4Am I Evil?

The DVD features concert footage, band interviews, a documentary, behind the scenes footage, and a photo gallery consisting of approximately 1,000 photos. Three of the performances feature multiple angles.

During the performance of the song "Enter Sandman", the entire stage is set to appear to collapse and explode, with pyrotechnics and a technician (referred to in the extras as the "Burning Dude") who runs across the stage while on fire, as another technician swings overhead.

This is also one of the few Metallica concerts that did not feature "Ecstasy of Gold" as an intro.


  • Bass: Jason Newsted
  • Drums: Lars Ulrich
  • Guitar: Kirk Hammett
  • Vocals, Guitar: James Hetfield


  • Andie Airfix – Artwork, Design
  • Anton Corbijn – Photography
  • Wayne Isham – Director