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Album Overview

LP Underground 7.0 (stylized as LPUNDERGROUND7) is a CD and digital download set released in December 5, 2007 by the Linkin Park Underground fan club. The live album was the first live album and the seventh release by LP Underground. This album is one of the albums and EPs released per year by the fan club.


1No More Sorrow5:13
2What I've Done3:21
3One Step Closer3:41
4Given Up3:09
7The Little Things Give You Away7:20
8In The End3:43
9Bleed It Out7:48


LP Underground 7.0 is identified as a live album, as all the tracks included in the album are live versions, and is longer than 25 minutes. All the tracks were recorded from various venues like Toronto, Hartfort, Syracuse, West Palm Beach during the band's 4th annual Projekt Revolution tour. On the album back cover, it said that the performance are live recordings featuring the best of Projekt Revolution 2007.


This release was controversial, because the entire track list was already available, for free, in the form of "Digital Souvenir Packages". These official live tracks were soundboard patches of live shows, and Mike Shinoda had made it clear at the time that the shows could be shared online. Many fans were angry at the lack of exclusivity and felt that they were being ripped off by the LP Underground, and that the "Linkin Park Underground" no longer cared about its members. One distressed fan wrote:

"The CD is awful. Even if it was a real vote, I would probably be dissatisfied because I'm a picky LP fan and don't want ANOTHER live CD full of singles. The shirt's uninspiring, and the shoelaces are not the innovation we were looking for in the LPU 7 package."

Other issues at the time included a lack of customer service, no online exclusives, issues with Meet & Greets, and listless forums.

Enhanced Features

For the first time, and likely because of inflation and the state of the economy since 2001, the LP Underground community raised its standard pass to $28 for United States fans, and $35 for international fans. The free hard copy newsletter was discontinued, citing environmental reasons. LPUers had the option to buy a hard copy of the newsletter, or download a PDF file for free. The newsletter was now printed on recycled paper and came in a book format, rather than the poster-fold out formats in previous years. The website had a red and black design adorned with scissors.

  1. CD: LP Underground 7.0
  2. T-shirt: Scissors with the LP Underground 7.0 logo on a black T-shirt.
  3. Other package contents:
  • Shoelaces
  • Ringtone and wallpaper for compatible cell phones
  • Intro letter
  • Stickers
  • Membership card.

Track Listing

  • Live recordings featuring the best of Projekt Revolution in 2007.


Linkin Park

  • Chester Bennington – vocals
  • Rob Bourdon – drums
  • Brad Delson - lead guitar
  • Joe Hahn – turntablist, sampling, programming
  • Mike Shinoda - vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards
  • Dave "Phoenix" Farrell - bass, additional vocals on "The Little Things Give You Away"


  • Art Direction: BandMerch
  • Coordinator [LP Underground Coordination]: Jessica Sklar
  • Coordinator [LP Underground Coordination]: Mona Kasim
  • Coordinator [LP Underground Coordination]: Natalie So Rea Doria
  • Coordinator [Production Coordination]: Natalie So Rea Doria
  • Coordinator [Production Coordination]: Ryan DeMarti
  • Management: Ryan DeMarti
  • Management: Trish Evangelista
  • Management [Worldwide Representation]: Rob McDermott
  • Mastered By: Brian Gardner
  • Recorded By: Dylan Ely
  • Recorded By: Ken Van Druten


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