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Machine Shop Recordings


Album Overview

LP Underground 6.0 is a CD and digital download set released in December 5, 2006 by Linkin Park Underground. The EP was the sixth EP by LP Underground. This EP is one of the EPs released per year by the fan club. This is the sixth EP produced by Machine Shop Recordings.


1Announcement Service Public2:23

Producer: Mike Shinoda
Producer: Rick Rubin


Producer: Mike Shinoda
Producer: Rick Rubin

3QWERTY (Live)3:55
4Pushing Me Away (Live)3:30
5Breaking The Habit (Live)5:21
6Reading My Eyes (Live)3:18


The EP contains two previously unreleased tracks, "Announcement Service Public" and "QWERTY", which were recorded during the recording sessions of Minutes to Midnight (2007). The remaining four tracks are live versions of "QWERTY", "Pushing Me Away" from the album Hybrid Theory (2000), "Breaking the Habit" from Meteora (2003), and "Reading My Eyes", a demo song by Linkin Park while called Xero. The live songs are from the performance the band did at the Summer Sonic Festival 2006 in Chiba, Japan.

Enhanced features

Other package contents. stickers, wristband, ringtone and wallpaper for compatible cell phones, intro letter, membership card, newsletter mailed out at end of the year.

  1. CD: LP Underground 6.0
  2. T-shirt: green insect with the LP Underground 6.0 logo on a black T-shirt. The type of black T-shirt in the Best Buy package differed from the one in mail order packages.


This was the first year fans had the option to get the LP Underground package from a compact box at Best Buy, located next to Linkin Park's other CD's, instead of having to wait for the mail order to arrive. The LP Underground discount did not apply to Minutes to Midnight pre-orders.

The launch of 6.0 was delayed with a total redesign of the website. The website integrated Myspace-style social networking into its site, but only halfway finished integrating. It became possible to meet new Linkin Park fans and "friend" them, publish a blog, upload pictures and comment on other user's profiles. Some pages on the V bulletin forums redirected to the main site, and since the main site did not support vbulletin functions, features such as the new posts button, and ignore list for the forums were broken. The email server lost the ability to forward mail to a second address, and to block spam. People who had their email forwarded previously still had it forwarded after the change, but they could not change the settings.

Site log-in was also changed to clique ID, so that members of the Fort Minor Militia and later the Linkin Park Network itself can link their accounts together. The site itself featured a green and black design featuring a winged insect.


Linkin Park

  • Chester Bennington – vocals
  • Rob Bourdon – drums
  • Brad Delson - lead guitar
  • Joe Hahn – turntablist, sampling, programming
  • Mike Shinoda - vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboard
  • Dave "Phoenix" Farrell - bass guitar

Additional Musicians

  • Mark Wakefield - songwriting on Reading My Eyes


Sixth EP released for the fan club, Linkin Park Underground. It has two previously unreleased studio tracks and four live tracks taken from Linkin Park concert in Japan on September 13, 2006.



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