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Warner Bros. Records/Machine Shop Recordings


Album Overview

A Thousand Suns+ is the ninth DVD of American alternative rock band Linkin Park, originally released on April 1, 2011. The CD version of the video includes all the tracks of the band's fourth studio album, A Thousand Suns. The DVD version of the video includes the live version of various songs from all the studio albums by the band like Hybrid TheoryMeteoraMinutes to Midnight and A Thousand Suns.

The DVD comes with a bonus CD that features all the tracks from the album, A Thousand Suns. The concert footage was shot on November 7, 2010 at Puerta de Alcalá in Madrid, Spain. The album was released in European Countries on June 17, 2011. The concert performed by the band is also known as Live in Madrid. The show also featured a live version of the song "The Messenger", which was rarely played by the band in any of the concerts. This was the last concert by the band, which included "Wretches and Kings" as the intro of the song after "The Requiem". After this concert, the song "Faint" was used as the intro song after "The Requiem".


Live From Madrid74:28
DVD-1The Requiem2:07
DVD-2Wretches And Kings3:54

Voice [Features A Portion Of The Speech "Operation Of The Machine" (1964) By]: Mario Savio

DVD-4New Divide4:22
DVD-6Empty Spaces/When They Come For Me5:22
DVD-7Waiting For The End3:52
DVD-10The Radiance1:48

Interviewee [Features A Portion Of An Interview With]: Robert Oppenheimer

DVD-11Breaking The Habit3:58
DVD-12Shadow Of The Day5:13
DVD-14The Catalyst6:11
DVD-15The Messenger3:39
DVD-16In The End3:30
DVD-17What I've Done3:31
DVD-18Bleed It Out/A Place For My Head5:04
DVD-19Robot Boy (Instrumental)4:10
A Thousand Suns47:56
CD-1The Requiem2:01
CD-2The Radiance0:57

Interviewee [Features A Portion Of An Interview With]: Robert Oppenheimer

CD-3Burning In The Skies4:13
CD-4Empty Spaces0:18
CD-5When They Come For Me4:55

Programmed By [Supplemental Programming In Outro]: Czeslaw Sakowski

CD-6Robot Boy4:28
CD-7Jornada Del Muerto1:34
CD-8Waiting For The End3:51
CD-10Wretches And Kings4:15

Voice [Features A Portion Of The Speech "Operation Of The Machine" (1964) By]: Mario Savio

CD-11Wisdom, Justice, And Love1:38

Written-By, Voice [Features A Portion Of The Speech "Beyond Vietnam: A Time For Breaking Silence"]: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

CD-14The Catalyst5:39
CD-15The Messenger3:01


Linkin Park

  • Chester Bennington - vocals, rhythm guitar, percussion
  • Rob Bourdon - drums
  • Brad Delson - lead guitar, keyboard, percussion, backing vocals
  • Joe Hahn - turntables, Programming, backing vocals
  • Dave "Phoenix" Farrell - bass, backing vocals, synthesizer on "Blackout"
  • Mike Shinoda - vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboard


  • A&R: Tom Whalley
  • Art Direction, Design: Frank Maddocks
  • Artwork: Josh Vanover
  • Backing Vocals [Background Vocals]: Brad Delson
  • Backing Vocals [Background Vocals]: Joseph Hahn
  • Backing Vocals [Background Vocals]: Phoenix (26)
  • Backing Vocals [Background Vocals]: Rob Bourdon
  • Coordinator [A&R Coordination]: Liza Joseph
  • Coordinator [A&R Coordination]: Ryan DeMarti
  • Coordinator [Album Production Coordination]: Lindsay Chase
  • Coordinator [Album Production Coordination]: Ryan DeMarti
  • Creative Director [Creative Direction]: Ellen Wakayama
  • Creative Director [Creative Direction]: Frank Maddocks
  • Creative Director [Creative Direction]: Joseph Hahn
  • Creative Director [Creative Direction]: Josh Vanover
  • Creative Director [Creative Direction]: Mike Shinoda
  • Edited By [Additional Pro Tools Editing (And Lots Of Automation) By]: Brad Delson
  • Engineer [Engineering], Edited By [Pro Tools Editing]: Ethan Mates
  • Engineer [Engineering], Edited By [Pro Tools Editing]: Mike Shinoda
  • Film Director [Directed By]: Cristian Biondani
  • Film Producer [Dvd Post Producer]: David May
  • Lyrics By, Vocals: Chester Bennington
  • Lyrics By, Vocals: Mike Shinoda
  • Management [Team]: Jordan Berliant
  • Management [Team]: Michael Green
  • Management [Team]: Ryan DeMarti
  • Management [Worldwide Representation]: The Collective (16)
  • Mastered By: Vlado Meller
  • Mastered By [Assisted By]: Mark Santangelo
  • Mixed By: Ethan Mates
  • Mixed By: Neal Avron
  • Mixed By [Assisted By]: Nicolas Fournier
  • Other [Marketing Director]: Peter Standish
  • Performer [Linkin Park Is]: Brad Delson
  • Performer [Linkin Park Is]: Chester Bennington
  • Performer [Linkin Park Is]: Joseph Hahn
  • Performer [Linkin Park Is]: Mike Shinoda
  • Performer [Linkin Park Is]: Phoenix (26)
  • Performer [Linkin Park Is]: Rob Bourdon
  • Photography By: Klaus Thymann
  • Producer [Music Produced By]: Linkin Park
  • Producer [Produced By]: Mike Shinoda
  • Producer [Produced By]: Rick Rubin
  • Technician [Studio Drum Tech]: Jerry Johnson
  • Written-By [All Songs Written By]: Linkin Park

DVD Production

  • Director: Cristian Biondani
  • Producer: Mike Shinoda
  • Photography by Klaus Thymann
  • Edited by Ethan Mates & Mike Shinoda




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