Elvis Presley - Hits Like Never Before

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Posted on Thu, 12/31/2015 - 5:56pm
by Angie Spray

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1King Creole (Track E - Take 18)
2I Got Stung (Take 1)
3A Fool Such As I (Take 3)
4Wear My Ring Around Your Neck (Take 22)
5Your Cheatin' Heart (Take 9)
6Ain't That Loving You Baby (Take 1)
7Doncha' Think It's Time (Take 40)
8I Need Your Love Tonight (Takes 2,10)
9Lover Doll (Track H - Take 7)
10As Long As I Have You (Track N - Take 7)
11Danny (Take Unknown)
12King Creole (Track E)
13Crawfish (Track F - Take 7)
14A Big Hunk O' Love (Take 1)
15Ain't That Loving You Baby (Takes 5,11)
16I Got Stung (Takes 13,14)
17Your Cheatin' Heart (Take 10)
18Wear My Ring Around Your Neck (Take 22)
19Steadfast, Loyal And True (Track M - Take 6)
20I Need Your Love Tonight (Take 5)
21Doncha' Think It's Time (Spliced)
22I Got Stung (Take 12)
23King Creole (Track R - Take 8)
24As Long As I Have You (Track N - Take 4)