Dave Matthews Band - Live Trax Volume 20

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Posted on Sun, 09/14/2014 - 10:49am
by John MacMillan

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Album Overview

Live Trax is a series of live albums released by Dave Matthews Band's Bama Rags label. The albums in the series feature performances by Dave Matthews Band and also Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds. The majority of the releases are not sold in commercial stores, but rather by means of order or digital download from the band's official website. The name Live Trax is a reference to the former Trax Nightclub in Charlottesville, Virginia, where the band played over one-hundred twenty shows during their early years from 1991-1996.

Only the sixth volume of the series was sold outside of the band's website, due to a high demand in the Boston, Massachusetts area. The album was sold in stores in addition to the band's online store. In July 2007, Starbucks released a nine-track compilation of the series, simply titled Live Trax, featuring selected tracks from the first nine volumes of the series.


1-02Ants Marching
1-05One Sweet World
1-06Seek Up
1-07Song That Jane Likes
1-08True Reflections
1-09All Along The Watchtower
2-01Tripping Billies
2-02Lie In Our Graves
2-04Dancing Nancies
2-05Typical Situation
2-06Blue Water
2-07The Best Of What's Around
2-08Christmas Song


Recorded live on 8-19-93 at Wetlands Preserve in New York, NY



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